What exactly is WeMakeApp?

WeMakeApp is an online ordering system for restaurants. We provide mobile apps, website integrations, websites and everything that you need to run your business.

Why do you need your own mobile app and a website with ordering capabilities?

People use smart phones and devices more than anything else. Besides the prestige and marketing, the ease of technology increase your sales and lowers your costs. No commissions!!

Why prestige?

Your presence in Apple iTunes and Google Play stores is an essential value for you. It clearly affects the way your customers see you.

Do I have other marketing and advertising options besides these?

Yes. You can reach your customers by mass email and phone notifications using our services.

Are there any other features that you provide?

Within the mobile apps, your customers can mak, give feedback, can find and navigate to your restaurant.

You said there is no commission, so how do you charge me?

Depending on the package you choose, you will know the exact amount that you pay.


I have a website, would I be able to receive orders from my website besides the mobile applications?

Of course, we do provide you a web ordering interface. We either integrate it to your website or help your tech guys to complete the easy procedure.

What if I do not have a website?

We provide a website for you for a suitable price that suits your brand.

You create a website for me, how?

After reviewing essential info about your restaurant, our team create a website from our gallery that fits you, and customize it for your restaurant. This process ensures your website go live very fast and works seamlessly.

What do you need to setup my system and mobile apps?

A preferably high-quality image of your logo, your menu and product information, and some other basic information for your restaurant is all that our team needs.

How long does this process take?

Depending on how fast you provide the required info to us, this process usually takes 1 week to complete. iOS mobile app may need additional time as Apple review process sometimes may take longer.


What is the difference between monthly and annual packages?

Annual package provides a 20% discount and it is easy to deal than paying every month.

What happens if the restaurant has more than one branch?

Pricing is based on a single branch/location. Same price will be added for each branch.

Is there a discount for if restaurant has multiple branches or is simply a chain?

Of course. We have special rates for chains and restaurants that have more than five branches.


In case of any problems can I contact you?

You can contact us whenever you need via email. Though we assure you the best quality as our platform and services are monitored 24/7.

Management Software

How can I receive orders?

Via our management software which currently supports Sms printer, Wifi Printer, PC, POS, Android platforms. This simple software is installed easily, and informs you whenever you receive a new order.